Artist Carl Taylor
Label Auterform Records
Format CD
Catalogue AUFCS001
Release Date Out Now

£6.00 £2.50

South Yorkshire Techno artist Carl Taylor releases his debut album.

This is one UK resident that wants to keep the soul in Techno music “Soulful doesn’t always have to mean happy, but my favourite music always has a mood, a vibe”

With earlier releases on Dust Science, F-Comm and Bugged Out, Foundation shows a progression of sound and diversity in atmosphere since those early 12’s.

Eleven tracks deep, the album swings from the moody intro of space themed ‘Continuum’ through to the jacking raw groove of ‘Quadrant’ and ‘Impaction’. The melodic side of Techno is represented heavily on the album with tracks like ‘Sunrise’, ‘Out Of The Storm’ and the blissed out ambience of ‘Solace’ this ensures a long player that sits in equal part both at home and on the dance floor – “I wanted to put forward the different ways Techno music can represent itself to the listener and produce something that takes in my wide ranging influences over the years, I’ve never been ‘mono emotional’ when it comes to making music”.

All tracks written, produced and mixed by Carl Taylor
Mastered by Paul Gold NYC
Tracks 3, 7 and 8 pre-mastered by Chris McCormack
Artwork by Patrick Walker

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