Exhibit 1 & 2

Artist The Black Dog
Label Dust Science
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Catalogue dustv049
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Recorded, mixed and treated for two exhibitions at Sheffield’s Festival Of The Mind.

Parts 1 and 1.1 are for unique audio-visual exhibition in collaboration with photographer Shaun Bloodworth, recreating the bird song of a dawn chorus. The full video is available to stream below.

Parts 2 and 2.1 are perfect loops used for an installation in the Millenium Galleries, Sheffield. The speaker system recreated the outdoor environment for visitors while walking through the gallery.

Have you noticed we don’t hear the dawn chorus anymore? Techno legends The Black Dog have recreated it, using recordings of birds, with visuals by Shaun Bloodworth. The science behind the exhibition, supplied by bird expert Professor Tim Birkhead, is disturbing: Britain’s bird population is in decline.

Tim Birkhead is an award-winning educator, researcher and author of several books on bird behaviour. Ambient techno pioneers The Black Dog are among the defining voices of the Warp generation. World-class photographer and filmmaker Shaun Bloodworth is a prolific documenter of the international dance music scene.



Simplex EP

Artist Carl Taylor
Label Dust Science
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Catalogue dustv004
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The Book of Dogma III

Artist The Black Dog & Black Sifichi
Label Dust Science
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Catalogue dustv053
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