Sheffield In Ruins

Sheffield In Ruins

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Steel City In Decay - by Urban Explorer Denzil Watson.

Living cities never stand still, but when their people move out, what relics are left behind? Denzil Watson has been exploring Sheffield’s discarded spaces for over 30 years, photographing the fragile splendour of city buildings whose future has expired – shattered edifices whose time has been and gone.

  • Softcover, 150 pages, 120 Photographs, 210mm x 210mm
  • Foreword By Jon Mclure from Reverend And The Makers
  • ISBN - 978-1-874171-07-2
  • Barcode - 9781874171072

Sheffield In Ruins is a fascinating photographic record of Sheffield locations that once teemed with life, but that found themselves empty and unwanted as the city’s story moved on.

Since first exploring the dereliction of Sheffield’s East End in the late 1980s, Denzil Watson has developed a passion for secret spaces that once had a purpose – interiors that are now smashed and trashed, rusting and wrecked, but that have a desperate beauty all of their own.

From Victorian factories to a post-war hotel, along with chapels and churches, railway yards and reservoirs, Sheffield In Ruins is a poignant celebration of buildings that the city left behind.