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Lost and Found 1
by Anthony "Shake" Shakir

Dust Science is proud to announce the arrival of a true techno pioneer among its roster of artists: Anthony “Shake” Shakir. A legend among the techno cognoscenti for his crucial involvement in massively important Detroit techno label Metroplex, he’s been a pioneer of electronic music since 1981.
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One More Line
by System23

If The Black Dog represents the meditative, introspective aspect of Dust Science’s output, then System 23 is the opposite pole. Honing their rhythms by devastating a series of parties across Britain, System 23 represents the ultimate distillation of northern pile-driver techno.
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Simplex EP
by Carl Taylor

Carl Taylor dishes up a multi-dimensional EP which weaves large slabs of Northern Electronic Soul with funked-up booty movers and heads-inside-out, no-nonsense techno.
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Telepathica EP
by Fred Giannelli

“Distant Gratification” offers the unsettling sensation of two machines slowly meshing together, but in a wholly unexpected way. Deeply comforting funk melodies merge with off-kilter kicks before submerging in supremely delicate acid squelches.
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Remixes 2
by The Black Dog

The Black Dog has three outstanding remixes produced based on tracks from the album Silenced, with contributions from Orlando Voorn, Vector Lovers and Derailleur.
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