Further Vexations by The Black Dog

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Further Vexations by The Black Dog

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Dust Science
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As part of maintaining The Black Dog's back catalogue, Dust Science has now re-issued the 2010 album, "Further Vexations". It's a real successor to Radio Scarecrow, moving forward with the dark tone and concepts.

Further Vexations picks up from what was started in Radio Scarecrow, moving beyond the world of open secrets and the bemusing transmissions of number stations, to exploring the dark cynicism of Orwellian practices carried out by our Governments, institutions and corporations.

Martin Dust from tBd explained, “Our main concern was and still is the amount of personal freedoms being surrendered under the banner of "for your own safety" – CCTV, Biometrics and the World Wide Databases being the latest inventions to save us from ourselves. What is it going to take for people to wake up? How much further can the people that we’ve put into power go before something finally snaps? We've had enough now! We believe that people have become lazy and accepting of "beige" political parties who have realised if they stand for nothing, people will fall for anything.”

10 years on, the references to George Orwell's 1984 appear to be a little naive and wholly inadequate. From billion-dollar corporate entities openly mishandling our data for profit to highly-targeted and manipulative political propaganda campaigns, the misuse of our data and communications is far more sophisticated and devious than originally envisaged.

The stark omens of Further Vexations are now more prophetic than ever.

Re-issued 2nd October 2020.