Lost and Found 1 by Anthony "Shake" Shakir

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Lost and Found 1 by Anthony "Shake" Shakir

Dust Science
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Dust Science is proud to announce the arrival of a true techno pioneer among its roster of artists: Anthony “Shake” Shakir.

A legend among the techno cognoscenti for his crucial involvement in massively important Detroit techno label Metroplex, he’s been a pioneer of electronic music since 1981.It’s a privilege for us to showcase his music for a new generation of techno fans.

As far as the Dust crew is concerned he’s the godfather of techno, and we just love this record. The Lost and Found EP is devastating package. The main cut will tear up peak time crowds with an arsenal of minimal tech-funk hooks, tweaks and wildly modulated breaks. Fans of tricked-out glitchy electro will love the way Function Electric’s assembles its half-speed clicks, sweeps and vocoders into a syncopated pulse of filtered crashes. Dub in Fuzztone is a micro-tech classic, fusing off-kilter Hammond cut-ups with Chicago-style 606 beats. The EP offers a seriously desirable selection of grooves.