Radio Scarecrow (CD) by The Black Dog

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Radio Scarecrow (CD) by The Black Dog

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Dust Science
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Originally released in 2008, The Black Dog's "Radio Scarecrow" is now re-issued on Dust Science as a limited edition CD and double 12" vinyl.

Released 17th November 2023.

It took over two years in the making, constantly developing and building, culminating in a masterpiece work that flows delightfully and hits hard. A true progression on Silenced, the trio are keen to note:

"the beats are faster and the bass is much heavier - so much so that it was making us ill working with the low frequencies for hours on end, we could only do 3 hours at a time on some parts"

Tracks like Floods v3.9 and Beep are a testament to this. With throbbing basslines strong enough to make an impact on the Richter scale these tracks are best played out on a big sound system. Radio Scarecrow unfolds gracefully. Barely skipping a beat between tracks the act have created an album that demands to be listened to in its entirety. With elements blending between tracks (the same kick drum being used to very different means in Short Wave Lies and Siiiipher for example) and with constant themes of conspiracy and the supernatural The Black Dog present more than a collection of tracks. Influenced heavily by their interest in Magick, Numbers Stations and Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) the act have hidden examples of these within their work.

"These transmissions and recordings (and people's interpretations of them) had a strong influence on many of the final concepts and compositions, to the point where we've been embedding coded messages and curses deep inside the tracks".

EVP Echoes notably takes examples of this phenomenon creating a haunting work of art from it.

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