Download Information

Our downloads are provided as complete releases, each packed as single .zip files containing all the individual tracks. Our releases are available in several formats:

Ultra High Resolution (UHD) 
Hi-Res WAV - Ultra high-resolution audio, as 24bit 96khz uncompressed audio
Hi-Res FLAC - Ultra high-resolution audio, as 24bit 96khz lossless FLAC format
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High Resolution (HD)
WAV - Uncompressed 16bit 44.1khz CD quality WAV files
MP3 - 320kbps compressed audio files for efficient storage and universal device compatibility
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Downloading Your Purchases
To access your available downloads, go to "Your Account" and select "Your Downloads" and you will be presented with a list of the downloads available from your purchases. Simply click the button for your preferred format to start the download.

ZIP Files
Once your download has finished, the .zip archive file can be opened on most computers by simply double-clicking the icon. For older machines or different operating systems, you may some additional software to open the .zip file such as 7zip (, which is free, open source, very easy to use and works on many different systems.

Downloads Missing For Old Purchases?
When we moved to a new system, older orders along with the download links will also have been moved and archived. If you'd like to re-download your old purchases, please get in touch and we'll re-activate them on the new system.

Want Individual Tracks?
If you prefer to pick individual tracks rather than the full releases, you can buy these from our other download store hosted at Bandcamp: