Little Sheffield

Little Sheffield

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Having previously focused on the fading modernist landscapes of Brutal Sheffield and Brutal Yorkshire, photographer Martin Dust now zooms in on Sheffield's former industrial heartland to capture details hidden among the dereliction and development - before they disappear for good.

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ISBN - 978-1-874171-05-8
Barcode - 9781874171058
Softcover, 120 pages, 100+ Photographs
210mm x 210mm in size

For decades, Martin’s creative life has revolved around a portion of central Sheffield that straddles the River Don – a once dense district around the Wicker and West Bar whose fortunes have undulated over the years just like the rise and fall of his beloved city’s hills. Having been invited by 5Plus Architects to document the area’s transformation as some of its few remaining factory buildings bite the dust, he embarks on a mission to dig into its physical history while also excavating some Sheffield evocations of his own.

From skeletal pubs and half-hidden bridges to musical echoes and workshops that once rang with industrial noise – the kind made with hammers, not drum machines – Martin Dust’s Little Sheffield is a book that brilliantly connects them all.

“Martin is an urbanist, offering us a view of Sheffield that we will never witness again. Part autobiography, part psychogeography, part documentary, here we are witnesses to the spirit of a city that constantly reinvents itself, captured beautifully in photos and words.”Robin Rimbaud - Scanner

“Martin’s curious lens seeks out romance in the ruination and detail in the decay. A pause in time and reflection on a place of flux and changing fortunes. Never a picture postcard place, S3 is finally ready for its close-up.” Roger Quail - The Box/My Life In The Mosh Of Ghosts

“Martin’s forensic approach draws on the past in a neglected present, illuminating overlooked parts of the city during a time of transformation. Exploring place and memory, he brings ruins and rubble to life, documenting details and unmasking the stories behind them via his own unique urban schemata.” Nick Bax - Human

“A look at Sheffield that is almost certainly going to be lost in time if it wasn’t for this book. Brilliant.” Claire Reynolds - Smile Magazine

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