Situation District Volume 2: Gleadless Valley

Situation District Volume 2: Gleadless Valley

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With volume 2 of the "Situation District" series, Martin Dust has focussed his attention on Sheffield's Gleadless Valley estate, creating a beautiful snapshot of this 1960's project. 

64 Pages, 175mm x 235mm, Perfect Bound
Cover: 350gsm Satin Matt Laminated
Pages: 170gsm Satin Silk
ISBN: 978-1-874171-09-6

Symmetry, Synchronization, and Repetition.

Throughout my life, I have consistently been captivated by these elements.

Estates or Townscapes, as they are known in the architectural realm, have always held an irresistible allure for me. Navigating through their intricate paths and streets is a mesmerising experience. In today’s ever-changing world, where the once-admired modernist Utopian ideals have faded into obscurity, these landscapes continue to evolve, defying permanence.

Unlike its formidable brutalist counterpart, Park Hill, Gleadless Valley has been somewhat neglected, with the passage of time taking its toll. However, strolling through the estate unveils its original intent. As you begin to perceive its asymmetrical shape, the puzzle pieces fall into place, revealing the occasional repetition of green spaces. These patches provide a refuge from the symmetrical patterns that permeate the surroundings. I can’t help but wonder how much tubular steel was used throughout the entire estate for hand rails; perhaps enough to scaffold the Eiffel Tower?

For those acquainted with Sheffield’s industrial heritage, it becomes evident that this place served as a vital artery into the city, a promising vision of the future for the workers who once called it home back in 1960’s.

I hold a deep affection for this place. Every visit uncovers something novel, a fresh line or dynamic that had previously eluded me.