Dubs: Volume 4 by The Black Dog

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Dubs: Volume 4 by The Black Dog

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Dust Science
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"Dubs: Volume 4" continues the series with four new tracks, documenting the environment we live in.

"I don’t know what it is about textures and the mundane of late, but it has become an obsession. I’m not sure if it’s me trying to hold onto the past or document things that would only interest a few people - it’s puzzling.

That said, there is a certain beauty to the proximity of history hiding in plain sight, the visual documentation of ideas past and present just waiting to be seen. Perhaps I stand alone with this interest? So much of our history is lost, knocked down and then backfilled, waiting to be found again. The only trouble is that history is already lost and then left to the best guess of what was what, seems odd in this day and age that should be the case but I’m finding that often it is.

The future pushes on to the next page and the words are lost in the reach for something else."

Available to pre-order for download on the 1st July 2022 as CD-quality WAV and MP3 files.