Isolation EP by The Black Dog

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Isolation EP by The Black Dog

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Dust Science
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The Isolation EP follows on from the album "Other, Like Me", with four new powerful cuts. Available to order now as CD-quality WAV and MP3 files, and released on the 5th of July 2024.

"Are we social beings? Isolation plays an important role in our music, as most of our pieces are built on our feelings and our attempts to communicate. Feeling disconnected, socially withdrawn, and physically distant can also have positive effects. We find it necessary to disconnect at times and build a world of our own, as the focus is on communication, reflection, and introspection.

This EP, as with the album "Other, Like Me", deals with understanding inner differences within our own culture - the common ground, if you will. Kinship is sometimes hard to find, and we all have different ways. Sometimes humanity is the devil, but sometimes the process is as it really is.

These four cuts aim to create that inner space, our invocation and prayer to share something that is often beyond words."