Dokument .01 by Dadavistic Orchestra

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Dokument .01 by Dadavistic Orchestra

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Dust Science
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Dokument .01 features two tracks of beatless inner city industrial ambient. Strung Valve Checkout is a gorgeous 11 minute sequence of piano-fuelled drones. Dada Fish Sticks is equally affecting, a lulling industrial classical mesh of sound with hints of melody.

What makes this release particularly special is the combination of talents behind the music. Dadavistic Orchestra is a collaboration between The Black Dog and 3 former members of The Psychick Warriors of Gaia. Both are recognised innovators in electronic music who have been hugely influential and popular throughout their careers. The two collectives have been close for many years, and their musical collaboration has evolved over the last year, with Dokument .01 being the first work to be released.

Dadavistic Orchestra are Martin Dust, Tim Freeman, Richard Dust, Arbe, Ken Downie and Robbert Heijnen.

Selected Feedback
“Really interesting mood shifting sounds and excellent composition. Not what we’d have expected but then we didn’t know what to expect.” - Chris & Cosey

“Dense sounds indeed, very immersive. I love this wall of processed filtered hiss that appears and disappears.” - Scanner

“Truly breathtaking EP. Two beautifully compositions that have been crafted with the utmost care. Music that demands and holds your attention. Excellent start for this project. I look forward to seeing how it develops.” - Chris (MNML SSGS)

”The sound of a 1000 silk worms in labour” - Regis

“An extreme slow motion journey through Rotherham town centre.” - Mark Fell - SND