Dokument .02 by Dadavistic Orchestra

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Dokument .02 by Dadavistic Orchestra

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Dust Science
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Dust Science is proud to present the second release from Dadavistic Orchestra, a collaboration between The Black Dog and 3 former members of fellow electronic pioneers the Psychick Warriors of Gaia.

Dadavistic Orchestra’s first release, Dokument .01, showcased the two groups’ love for dadaism and all that it inspired. Dokument .02 continues with this theme. Where the first release was a double a-side of ambient electronic drone, Dokument .02 is a six track album of beatless but very high impact electronics. Each track weighs in at around 11 minutes of evolving, warm, and affecting analogue deepness. Endlessly fascinating and continuously stimulating, these pieces are long, and yet highly economical. Every element is necessary and there is not an ounce of fat, yet many tonnes of weight.

Deep Old Mu opens the album with a perfect evolving drone that dissolves into tiny melodic figures and sweeps after four minutes, before dropping into some very strange, but highly pleasurable, alien spaces. Petrichore crystallises gamelan tones within an amber-like synthetic backdrop. Teh Meh, Teh Meh brings the coldness, as an endless extended scraping noise is shaped into multifaceted harmony. A sweeter sound emerges in Unconcerned, But Not Indifferent, which offers single simple melodic figure which is delicately reworked into enchantment. De Kunst: Star Dot Star is the albums total Heart of Darkness, transporting the listener deep upriver. De Neerstorting Van De Mening Van De Kathderaal closes the album by focusing almost entirely on the drone, only adding other identifiable layers half way through, before succombing to pure bass weight. Together, this is one of the most affecting and integrated collections of ambient music released to date. It is also one which is fully deserving of replay on the largest, heaviest soundsystem available.