DS Warehouse Trax by Various Artists

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DS Warehouse Trax by Various Artists

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Dust Science
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Sometimes all you need is a bunch of machines and a room full of people to understand what techno is all about...

“The catalyst for the Warehouse Trax series was seeing Theo Parrish play at Sankeys in November 2008. He was playing loads of old school acid house and techno records, really raw jacking 909 trax. Hearing them reminded me how great these records sounded on a big system – this was the birth of Warehouse Trax.”

100% Live. No Edits. All tracks where created using the Akai MPC 2000XL sequencer / drum machine and Waldorf Blofeld Synthesiser. Patterns where created inside the MPC and the sequence was then jammed live using the MPC ‘pad mute’ system to bring elements in and out. …this is one of those times.