Liber Kult (Book 1 Ov 3) by The Black Dog

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Liber Kult (Book 1 Ov 3) by The Black Dog

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Pressed on 180gram Blue Vinyl. Limited to 300 units. First 100 in a hand numbered sleeve. This being the first in their Liber series of releases that are purely aimed at the dancefloor. These singles aim to complement their recent ambient output on Music For Real Airports and their collaboration with 3 former members of The Psychick Warriors of Gaia as the Dadavistic Orchestra.

Black Chamber Order is driving techno track with a refreshing modern edge to it in the form of some seriously heavy, heavy bass. Built from layers of electronic riffs, it’s super heavy, but not too in your face, not too aggressive. It’s an absolutely massive sub-bass techno roller that will melt faces and the cones off the biggest system, and it’s just pure heaven to listen to, even if we do say so ourselves!

Bass Mantra is the funkiest Black Dog tune yet, it’s made from nothing more than an evil little plinking sound, a minimal beat, and a seriously fucked bass rhythm. The bass is something else – it’s got layers of intense, acidic hyperwobble that have an effect that is utterly hypnotic. This music was made for dark rooms, smoke machines, strobes and massive systems.