Moss Lane East EP by DNCN

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Moss Lane East EP by DNCN

Dust Science
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DNCN’s debut EP for Dust Science shows just how far he’s come in the last five years; it’s a resoundingly strong package with every track a potential A-side.

Main cut “Dust to Dust” is a throbbing dubby techno stomper, opening with sulphuric bong noises that give way to oodles of fat wobble. The track is slowly subsumed in layers of fizzing shards of echo. Anyone taken with Villalobos’ recent experiments really must check this out.

“Lakeside” is a kicking bit of high-stepping Chicago riffage, replete with distorted, FUBAR’ed vocal hook. Mix this in and watch the crowd say “What’s THIS?”
On the flip, “Dumtek” is a crackling, aching slice of tech funk that welds slivers of noise into multiple layers of jacking basslines. It’s smart and dumb at the same time, which is a goof trick to pull off. “Dig” takes minimal’s clicks’n'whirs blueprint and adds a massively-swung Chicage garage rhythm to it. There’s galloping kicks and hip wiggling cross-beats that are just pure ear-candy, as well as a lovely overlay of arpeggiated melody that comes in midway through. Try mixing with the techier end of dubstep, such as 2562's output, and prepare to be amazed.