Silenced (CD) by The Black Dog

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Silenced (CD) by The Black Dog

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Dust Science
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Almost two decades on from its initial release, The Black Dog's "Silenced" has been remastered and re-issued. The album marks a key point in the history of The Black Dog, signalling a fresh tone and the formation of a new line-up, which continues to this day.

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"In the enigmatic realm of electronic music, The Black Dog stands as a visionary act, responsible for crafting, among other things, the mesmerising album "Silenced". Notably, this release marks a significant milestone in the band's evolution, being the first album from the new line-up and their collaboration with the fledgling label Dust Science.

Defying industry norms, The Black Dog embodies a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ethos. Their artistic journey remains steadfast, with a commitment to originality and creative freedom, unfettered by the limitations imposed by the commercial music industry.

The record label Dust Science takes pride in championing The Black Dog's musical prowess, with its first release being the band's 4-track EP "Bite Thee Back". However, this EP was only a prototype for the revitalised collective, eventually leading to the composition of Silenced, which followed soon after.

This creative period denotes a fresh start for The Black Dog, a testament to their resilience and a commitment to evolving their sound. The resulting album represents a new beginning, celebrating and transcending the echoes of the past. It redefines the band's sonic landscape and establishes a distinct musical narrative that resonates with dedicated followers and newcomers alike."