Slam vs The Black Dog by Slam vs The Black Dog

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Slam vs The Black Dog by Slam vs The Black Dog

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Slam's massive single "Azure" has been given The Black Dog treatment. Slam return the favour by reworking The Black Dog's "CCTV Nation". 

The deep and industrial textures of original version are expanded and given a swift bpm upgrade, along with potent drum patterns and two earth-shaking basslines! The Black Dog's split personality shines through in this remix as the warm, resonant and almost ambient sounds are combined with heavy-set percussion and swells of atmosphere. This remix shows why they’re one the most influential figures in the British Electronica scene.

CCTV Nation is a track from the album "Radio Scarecrow", that looks back to the Detroit golden years. It couldn’t have been a better decision for Slam to pick this track. For a duo that have always taken influence from Motor City, it is apt for them to turn out this stripped back and grooving, yet still powerful approach to the Black Dog’s original.