Streets In The Sky

Streets In The Sky

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Softcover, 94 pages, 43 Photographs, 210mm x 210mm
Foreword By Johny Pitts
ISBN - 978-1-874171-08-9
Barcode - 9781874171089

When most of the blocks at Hyde Park flats were demolished in the early 1990s, they left a gaping hole on Sheffield’s horizon. The city lost a defining post-war landmark – but the people who lived there lost much more than that.

In 1988, when love for Sheffield’s pioneering concrete edifices was at its lowest ebb, Bill Stephenson set about photographing Hyde Park’s last residents. Where some saw architectural brutality and hair-raising headlines, Bill’s sensitive and sympathetic portraits reveal the humanity behind the Hyde Park hype.

In Bill’s beautiful photographs, we meet Sheffielders who reside in one of the city’s most startling locations, and who refuse to be defined by others’ assumptions about the place where they live. 

Over three decades on, it’s a privilege to be invited back into their lives in a version of Sheffield that was meant to be the future, but which has now been despatched to the past.