Black EP by The Black Dog

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Black EP by The Black Dog

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Dust Science
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The Black EP celebrates the musical history of the West Bar district in Sheffield and compliments the launch of Martin Dust's new photographic book "Little Sheffield".

"On November the 11th at 23:23 2021, The Black Dog held an evocation ritual at the site of Workshop Studios and within the moonlight shadow (33 degrees) of Monumental Pictures Studios.

As sigils were drawn and incense drenched the air, a picture of Bob Last was burnt while the Stele Of Revealing was recited and recorded. Samples from the location have been used to build the following recordings.

The site has now been professionally backfilled to hide the exact location from future use. Please do not attempt to visit without permission from The O.T.O and Temple Ov Psychick Youth."

Available to pre-order for download on the 2nd of September 2022 as CD-quality WAV and MP3 files.