Brutal Yorkshire

Brutal Yorkshire

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Brutal Yorkshire is the follow-up book to Brutal Sheffield, both personal photographic studies by Martin Dust. All Pre-Orders comes with three 5" Limited Prints In A Lucky Bag. Hardback edition is signed and strictly limited to just 100 units. 

ISBN - 978-1-874171-04-1
Barcode - 9781874171041
Hardback (stitched, with head and tail, plus bookmark) or Softcover
150 pages, All-New 100+ Photographs
210mm x 210mm in size

Available in hardback (stitched, with head and tail, plus bookmark) or softback. Pre-order now, ships on 12th November 2021.

"Brutalism for me is punk rock, ignoring what went before and completely disregarding nature to forge a new future that shouts "fuck you" and "I don’t care" long before those words left Mr Lydon’s mealy mouth.

Buildings that are our homes, backdrops and punctuate our lives, loved or hated, they exist and beyond your prejudice, we find their beauty and function beyond demographic fictions of the future. New forms were created and invented because that’s what art does, T. S. Eliot once said “Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least something different.’’ And that’s what Brutalism is, something different.

Come with me as we journey across Yorkshire to view and enjoy some of the finest examples of Brutalism before the Luddites take over, remove our heritage or clothe it in the emperors new cladding!"

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