Bytes (2023 Remaster) by Black Dog Productions

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Bytes (2023 Remaster) by Black Dog Productions

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Dust Science
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Remastered and re-issued on Warp, giving new life to a classic album.

Released on the 4th of August 2023 with free digital downloads. 

The third album in the Artificial Intelligence series, Bytes was originally released in 1993 and this reissue marks its 30th anniversary. Black Dog Productions were Ed Handley, Andy Turner and Ken Downie. For this record, Handley, Turner and Downie appear under various guises: Atypic, Balil, I.A.O, Close Up Over, Xeper, Discordian Popes and Plaid.

The classic album "Spanners", has also been remastered and reissued: