Dubs: Volume 1 by The Black Dog

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Dubs: Volume 1 by The Black Dog

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Dust Science
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"Dubs" is a project that we'd talked about for a couple of years but never really had the time to focus on, as it required a lot of research and leg work to put together. We eventually started in January of 2020 but little did we know what would be happening by March.

Released 5th March 2021.

"Dubs" deals with our history in Sheffield and The Black Dog, sometimes literal and sometimes not. Come with us on a journey through music, photography and words, as we try to explain our relationship with Sheffield in the best way we can.

The original release was a special limited edition vinyl package, simply because we like to make beautiful things. There's something about creating a body of work and putting it out in a complete form that is so satisfying. This is the first of 4 unique volumes.