Hoaxer EP1 by The Black Dog

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Hoaxer EP1 by The Black Dog

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Dust Science
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"We Must Repeat" and "Who He Was" from Black Daisy Wheel are remixed and reworked by The Black Dog into three new and distinct tracks, all aiming to move your feet and play with your head.

"Music for dark cathedrals, where the inner dialogue is questioned and dismissed as lies. The conventional narrative can’t be trusted, it's just to keep you in place. They're hiding something but no-one knows what. No Future & No Control.

Denial is the new faith that cuts any argument down to size, where the only proof needed is a simple statement: “It’s all a lie”.

Welcome to the paranoid World of Autohoaxers, where the smallest subjective detail debunks everything in your life and everyone is a Targeted Individual."