Hoaxer EP4 by The Black Dog

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Hoaxer EP4 by The Black Dog

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The fourth and final EP in the Hoaxer series drops three distinct remixes, all darker and deeper than what has gone before. Here, presented in high-resolution 24bit 96khz WAV and FLAC audio.

"Saying goodbye to all of our new conspiracy friends and the rather strange paranoid mindset that comes with them is something of a relief. This final EP of the Hoaxer series was created in a moment of reflection after listening to a combination of extreme Catholicism and Mormonism.

After a while, all of the confrontation and hate just wears you down. We genuinely don’t know how these people get through a day carrying all of this man-made hate for fellow humans. It’s kind of sad that people make time for this kind of thing, let alone fund it. It's also clear that Social Media needs both ends of every extreme to exist and make money. The divisions in society are profound, intolerance is rife, mistrust is real, and the conspiracies are ever more absurd.

This will not end well."