Liber Temple (Book 2 Ov 3) by The Black Dog

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Liber Temple (Book 2 Ov 3) by The Black Dog

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This is the second of The Black Dog’s Liber series of releases that are purely aimed at the dancefloor. It follows the previous, well received Liber Kult 12"; these singles, together with the forthcoming Liber Dogma album on Soma, complement their recent ambient output on Music For Real Airports and their collaboration with three former members of The Psychick Warriors of Gaia as the Dadavistic Orchestra.

Heavy Industry continues the driving funky techno style established on Bass Mantra, but with even more hard industrial edge. The kicks were made from drop forges, while the hi-hats are sampled from the grinding wheels that can be heard emanating from the many “little mesters” steel works that are still to be found in Sheffield. This track hammers home The Black Dog’s ideas about Dark Wave Techno. It is haunting, yet driving, and as hypnotic as hell, slowly building up layers of sound until the dancefloor is fully enveloped. If techno ever had ambitions to build a temple of sound, then Heavy Industry fulfils them.

Greedy Gutter Guru ups the funk quotient considerably. Built round a slowly evolving high pitched squelch, it oscillates round your speakers while metallic tones chime in sympathy, hidden just underneath the main sound. It’s quite beautiful.