Music For Airport Lounges by The Black Dog

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Music For Airport Lounges by The Black Dog

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Dust Science
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An album of unreleased tracks and demos from the archives, to construct a new experimental ambient set.

"We hate to think about how much time we've spent in Airport Lounges. We didn't record on every single visit but we still ended up with over 200 hours of recordings in our archives - that’s nearly 8.5 days straight. These recordings became the backbone of the project, as we began to work them into tracks, while simultaneously sitting in airports. The circle was complete.

Airport lounges are a common source of frustration for all travellers; overcrowded, uncomfortable, and filled with a variety of unpleasant smells, not to mention the equally unpleasant people barking orders. Worse still, many airports have limited seating and amenities. During long wait times, this can become quite overwhelming.

Philosophically, the nightmare of airport lounges can be seen as a representation of the existential angst and anxiety of modern life, all compacted into one small area. It is a physical manifestation of our inability to escape the constraints of time and space, as well as our inability to control our own destiny. As a result, airport lounges can be seen as a negative reflection of the human condition, and a symbol of the lack of freedom we experience in our everyday lives.

This album of unreleased recordings documents an earlier time, when 3 weekends a month were spent in airports and this temporary home became our recording studio. A recent visit confirms that nothing has changed."

Released 24th of February 2023.