My Brutal Life (Limited Edition White Vinyl) by The Black Dog

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My Brutal Life (Limited Edition White Vinyl) by The Black Dog

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My Brutal Life is the new album from The Black Dog, and also the soundtrack to the exhibition presented in Sheffield during October 2023 with the Sensoria Festival.

This release is available on limited edition white vinyl, with an option to upgrade to a very special deluxe package, which includes:

  • Signed & Numbered "Brutal Yorkshire"
  • Signed, Numbered & Embossed 10” Fuji Black & White Print
  • My Brutal Life Exhibition Catalogue
  • My Brutal Life Numbered and Embossed Card
  • My Brutal Life on White Vinyl
  • Limited to 100 Units
  • (This package has a normal RRP of £126)

Released 13th of October 2023.

My Brutal Life delves into the profound aspects of our artistic endeavours encompassing brutalism, the environment, and humanity. Throughout our ongoing creative journey, we consistently gravitate towards these themes, documenting and exploring the human experience within these environments.

Our unwavering fixation on Symmetry, Synchronisation, and Repetition are the driving force in our artistic expression. Moreover, we strive to peel away superficial layers to expose the underlying emotional strata of the human aspect, unearthing the often overlooked beauty within the ordinary.

Although frequently disregarded, the human aspect resonates with echoes from the past, enlightening and guiding our artistic process. Even the failures encountered serve as poignant reminders of the delicate structures we construct.

My Brutal Life constitutes a pivotal component within an enduring exhibition, meticulously crafted to delve into the aesthetic and human facets of brutalism.

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