Nybrutalism (UHD) by The Black Dog

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Nybrutalism (UHD) by The Black Dog

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Following on from the well-received albums My Brutal Life and Music For Moore Street Substation, The Black Dog bring this particular project to a close with a new 4-track brutal ambient EP. 

"Crafted to work within the imposing walls of Moore Street Substation during our ten-day residency, these brutalist hymns mark the pinnacle of our creative exploits in 2023. This industrial cathedral inspired a musical odyssey, and within these final four cuts, the profound influence of one of our favourite buildings resonates, intricately woven into the fabric of each composition.

As we unveil these sonic offerings, we invite listeners to experience the depth of emotion, the resonance of architecture, and the transformative power of our musical exploration. Nybrutalism is a definitive conclusion to this fantastic writing period, encapsulating the essence of Moore Street Substation, and completing our artistic journey within those concrete confines."

Available to download on the 12th of January 2024 as ultra-high-definition 24bit 96khz WAV and FLAC downloads.