Ov Mind, Ov Magick by The Black Dog

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Ov Mind, Ov Magick by The Black Dog

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Dust Science
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"Ov Mind, Ov Magick" is a rare live recording of from an exclusive live set performed at the Belgium Electronic Music Festival (BEMF) and recorded back on the 21st March 2009.

Featuring a whole raft of tracks and styles from the period, this live set was previously only available as a very limited edition CDr. In just over one hour, this mix delivers numerous live tracks from the albums "Silenced", "Radio Scarecrow", "Further Vexations" and a couple of demos that formed the early beginnings of "Music For Real Airports" one year later.

The full twenty-track set is available for pre-order now and will be released on the 3rd May 2019.

Supporters of The Black Dog's Patreon campaign can download it completely free, right now.