Remixes 2 by The Black Dog

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Remixes 2 by The Black Dog

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Dust Science
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The Black Dog has three outstanding remixes produced based on tracks from the album Silenced.

The main cut is from Orlando Voorn, who translates Sudden Intake into a classy, shimmering glitter ball of funky electronics. The pulsing melodies swing round the groove in an endless slow arc, and it really is superb.

On the same side is, at last, the return of the high tech disco sound of Derailleur. The trailer load of talent that is Derailleur has transformed Alt/Return/Dash/Kill. tBd’s original dark growler is now a neon-shot dark disco monster with an intro of massive “real” toms, followed by stepping New York beats that massively up the drama.

On the flip is the Vector Lovers remix of Machine Machina, that sounds like he’s finally been given the electro toys that he always wanted. Serving up a clipped piece of melodic German funk, dancefloors around the world are crying out for this sort of hip-wiggling gear. Cracking.