Remote Viewing by The Black Dog

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Remote Viewing by The Black Dog

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Dust Science
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The Black Dog’s Remote Viewing EP provides another taste of the excellent album "Silenced" and demonstrates the renewed vigour.

Vengeful intent seeps from every pore of this beast’s hide: the music surges out in undulating waves of syncopated bass and eastern ornamentation. But Remote Viewing reaches beyond funk bluster to deliver a northern electronic soul climax; we think it’s a killer tune.

B-side “Because They Said So” is Sheffield industrial funk played through an 8K rig over a Cornish landscape on a misty dawn. It’s awash with evolving synthetic breaks which are utterly hypnotic, but never static; they can be savage too. Closing cut Mr Burroughs to the Curiosity Phone is the soundtrack to a particularly seedy episode from uncle Bill’s sojourn in Algiers. It’s a delicious slice of sly, slow-motion electronic funk.