Scarecrow Collected by The Black Dog

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Scarecrow Collected by The Black Dog

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Dust Science
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Scarecrow Collected brings together all of the singles and remixes from the "Radio Scarecrow" period, to complement the re-issue of the album on Dust Science.

This compilation gathers together all of the singles and remixes created for the Radio Scarecrow project, marking a pivotal stage in The Black Dog's musical journey. From the hypnotic and minimal Riphead V2 to the intense and feverish Floods, these tracks showcase an evolving sound. Throughout the tracks, you'll find a profound influence from the band's fascination with Magick, Numbers Stations, and Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), with subtle elements of these mystic interests woven into the fabric of the music.

The collection includes several notable collaborations, with artists such as Surgeon, Rob Hood, and Bass Soldier, all contributing unique and powerful remixes of the original works. 

Released 17th November 2023