The Reproduce EP (UHD) by The Black Dog

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The Reproduce EP (UHD) by The Black Dog

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The Reproduce EP is the third release in support of The Grey Album, featuring three fresh tracks to expand upon the foundations already set.

Released 7th of July 2023.

"Here, we introduce The Black Dog's latest EP, crafted right on the streets of Russell and Devonshire. Drawing inspiration from the explosive energy of The Human League and Heaven 17 during their break-up era, this release channels that same spirit of determination and resilience.

From the very first note, you can feel the intensity, as The Black Dog channel the creativity, passion and drive of these iconic bands. But the story doesn't end there. This EP marks the third release in support of The Grey Album, expanding this powerful chapter in The Black Dog's journey.

So come and experience this momentous occasion for yourself - the energy is electric, and the music will stay with you long after the last note has faded away."

Available as ultra-high-definition 24bit 96khz WAV and FLAC downloads.