Trojan Horus by The Black Dog

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Trojan Horus by The Black Dog

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Dust Science
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After the success of their first EP “Bite Thee Back” which launched Dust Science back in January 2005, Ken Downie, Martin and Richard Dust set to work on their next project - The Black Dog’s “Trojan Horus” EP.

Trojan Horus is the first single and one of the stand-out songs from The Black Dog’s album Silenced. It is an evil, wide-screen, down-tempo odyssey. Dust Science has selected a specially-made version that translates oxygenated funky sludge into orchestral shadows from another world. D.O.G Style is a bittersweet dark electro lullaby for the wrong kind of kid and is the sort of song that might be a pop hit on Mars.

Carl Taylor’s remix of Evoke takes us back to the centre of the dance-floor: it’s a high-stepping, sci-fi, disco-techno monster that wraps the crispest, sharpest of swinging grooves round disorientating gamelan bleeps. And it has one of the strangest, most satisfying breakdowns in the history of techno. Probably.